Preparing for the Science Tests


The science curriculum on which your child is tested in the National Curriculum Tests is made up of 25 units, the first 6 of which are taught in Year 3 and the last 7 in Year 6. To aid revision a set of practice test questions has been collated for each unit along with a set of answers. In preparing for the tests you may wish to download these and work through these with your child. I would also recommend using the BBC Key Stage 2 Bitesize Website:

This contains superb revision materials, including excellent interactive activities, and is supported with online tests.

There are also 3 sets of Investigative Skills questions; these will be used in class but are included here, along with answers, to provide further support. Half of the questions on the tests will be in the context of scientific investigations and so it is very important that our children practise these types of questions.

There are many excellent revision websites available which can be found by searching on the terms “key stage 2 science revision” however one of my favourites is:

Similarly there are many high quality, low cost revision books available, most of which can be purchased through Amazon or Play.Com.

Thanks to Andy Thompson of SCE for help in constructing the test packs.

The TEST PACKS packs can be downloaded by clicking here.


Dr Mark Whalley